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"In an instant lightning flashes and the burst might leave me blind.
When the bolt of lightning crashes and it burns right through my mind,
It's like someone drained my brain out, set my frozen mind to thaw,
Let the lethargy and pain out, while I stood and watched in awe."
- "Wish I Were Here" from Next to Normal

I'm doing weekly liveblogs of Free! Eternal Summer. In addition to that, I reblog a fair bit of Bioshock Infinite, Hannibal, Sherlock, The Office, and various theatrical things. There's other stuff here too, it's a smidge eclectic. Feel free to follow me if you like a variety of things and don't mind lots of Lutece twins and Free! on your dashboard.

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Nagisa you little shit

Of all the butts

Of ALL the butts

We see Nitori’s?

Is that a dolphin or are you just happy to be thinking of Makoto see me?